Red Polka Dot 1940 Sundress

I am SEW happy that I finished this dress yesterday!  This pattern has been on my “to-do” list for a while and I could not wait to cut into this red and white polka dot broadcloth either!

Red and white polka dot 1940 sundress

Red and white polka dot 1940 sundress

I made this dress using Vogue 8812, a Vintage Vogue pattern from 1940.  This sundress is made of stretch cotton broadcloth that I purchased at Fabric Mart a couple of months ago.  This is part of my resolution to wear more red!


I pretty much followed the pattern directions, although I added wider straps and fully lined it with cotton batiste and used ribbon instead of a self tie on the bodice neckline.  The gathered bra on the bodice is also not like it is supposed to be as I did not want it is as low-cut as the pattern is drafted.  The pattern photo and website model do not alert you to how low-cut the bodice is.  I tightened the straps and made the gathered bra more of a neckline and bust adornment than a full, encompassing covering.  The next time I make this I will be cutting the bra and stay larger as I don’t like showing too much cleavage.  And yes…. had I made muslin I would have known this!  But I am happy with it and how it looks on me. 🙂

Vintage Vogue 8812 1940 Sundress

Vintage Vogue 8812 1940 Sundress

I also put a zipper in the back rather than the button closure as it suggests.  I was considering putting the buttons in but then thought about how difficult that might be to do myself.  I also thought about putting a faux button closure over the zipper, but decided against it.  I think I’ll do that with the next dress I make out of this pattern.  I think that would look really good with a solid color.

Vintage Vogue 8812 1940 Sundress

Vintage Vogue 8812 1940 Sundress

I just love this dress and it will definitely be a warm weather staple for me!  In a few weeks, I’m going to wear this dress and one that I’m making right now for a pin-up photo shoot.  I definitely can’t wait to get all retro-ed up and have some fun photos taken!  I also plan to make myself a yellow cardigan to go with this, so I guess I better get sewing!

Vintage Vogue 8812 1940 Sundress

Vintage Vogue 8812 1940 Sundress

So…. I did what I said I was going to do in a previous post and got a tripod and started taking photos of myself in my creations.  It certainly is time consuming but is a much better result, don’t you think?  I also think I’m getting pretty good at this photography thing! What could I do with a fancy camera?! 🙂

Happy Sewing, my friends!


Dress:  Vogue 8812 made by me

Fabric:  Red and white polka dot stretch cotton broadcloth

Cardigan:  Old Navy

Shoes:  American Eagle Outfitters

8 responses to “Red Polka Dot 1940 Sundress

  1. Love your dress, and the scenery and photography are just gorgeous too! I’m not a fan of showing cleavage either, and you have done an impressive job on your no-muslin-for-me alterations!!

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  4. OMG. That is a wonderful dress. You are awesome in it.

    I hope to finish a sundress (now that it is autumn in the Midwest…duh) this week; I am using vintage weird pinkish material with odd palm trees on it. So, OK, I will wear it next summer…..8-)

    • Thanks. KD! I love wearing this dress! I have a couple of Sun dresses left that I plan to make, in fact starting one tomorrow. Paired with a cardi, they can go further into fall here, but if it’s starting to freeze and snow there, I guess that won’t work for you. At least you’ll be ready for spring! 🙂

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